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Gratitude versus Satisfaction

About gratitude and growth mindset

Today I want to talk about something that a lot of achievers struggle with: when is it enough?

Do you know what I mean? You’re always hungry for more. And someone comes to you and says: “Can’t you just be grateful for what you have?”

I get you

I totally absolutely get you. You are grateful. You love everything you have. And you want more. That is perfectly FINE.

Actually, let me tell you when it is NOT fine: when you are always postponing your happiness to after you get that thing you want. And that thing keeps changing.

We talk a lot about having a growth mindset here on the blog. But we usually contrast it with a fixed mindset. Well, if you are an achiever, you probably don’t even pay much attention to that. You obviously already think you can improve and you are tenaciously going after it.

So let me tell you what struck me the other day: I was watching this John Maxwell (the #1 specialist on leadership) interview and he said this:

“I changed from a goal mindset to a growth mindset” 

John C. Maxwell on his interview at Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

The explanation is important because what he says is that:

“I stopped asking the question, “How long will it take?” And I started asking the question, “How far can I go?” 

John C. Maxwell on his interview at Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

So… I shouldn’t have goals?

Don’t get me wrong. Goals are a part of self-development and are extremely important, but they are not the end. They are the means. The journey is never-ending, and the more you can find joy in the discovery and exploration, the better for you.

Gratitude has nothing to do with satisfaction. You can be grateful and still be hungry for more. Illustration co-created with @andresidarta

All the goals without joy will be useless, and all the pleasure without growth will be meaningless.

When is it enough? 

Let’s recap: You are grateful. You understand and value your accomplishments. But they are just part of a path, and you will always be looking for more because you LOVE THIS.

When is it enough?

It’s always enough to celebrate and feel good about your life.

It will never be enough to make you stop growing.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Keep learning. Keep rejoicing. Keep living at your fullest. Keep that tiny healthy unsettlement that makes you move forward. And thank the universe how far you have come.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments. 😉

Author : Fernanda Sarmento

Fernanda Sarmento is the owner of @mindingwithin, a self-development addicted, writer and digital marketer. With a bachelor in Social Communication and Media Studies and a master in Production Engineering she regards herself as both a meditation and ice cream junkie.

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