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Making better options - Women brealking plates - heart relieved

Women Breaking Plates

Last weekend I was invited to give Reiki at a fantastic event: Women breaking plates.

Here is how their site describes the event:

Women Breaking Plates is a women’s movement that throws Empowerment Parties to celebrate the strength, magic and wisdom of the feminine. We have fun stepping into our power and releasing doubt, self-criticism and false limitations. We take our power back.

I know. At first, it might seem just funny. Your maybe an “angry women” reunion, as some members of our society would love you to think and perpetuate this denigrating image of “the madwoman”.

But here is what I saw: happy people, having fun and dealing with their issues (that we all got) in a cathartic, effective and personal way (instead of spreading it all around).

During the event, I gave an “express” reiki session to – here me out – 19 INCREDIBLE women. Nineteen. I gave reiki until the doors were closing. And I did it because it was amazing to that. Because the energy was so high, happy and rewarding that I felt ENERGIZED by the sessions.

Besides breaking plates and getting reiki, there were some other amazing stuff to do: eat, drink, sound bath, punching bag, painting, making jewelry, tarot, writing affirmations, burning limitations, herbal bar, tarot, OMG… you name it! 

Making better options- Women breaking plates
Making better options
Illustration co-created with @andresidarta

Everything and everyone doing their best to deliver an amazing rebirth and healing experience to those enlightened women that were brave enough to face their fears, limitations, anger, sadness, etc.

It was relevant to do the event this month. On March 8th we celebrated the international women’s day… even though the intent is “awareness”, some people confuse it with celebration, which unfortunately does more harm than help.

Besides that, every year around that date we face the numbers that are released for the mentioned “awareness”, such as the most recent Global Gender Gap Report (published by The World Economic Forum) that estimated 257 years before economic gender parity happens. Well, I’m well aware that there is still a long way to go.

But, hey… Let’s not make this post about women, because I think everybody can benefit from dealing with your issues in a healthy way. So my goal with that post is to stimulate other events like that, and also, individual actions that might be freeing for you. When was the last time you just let it out? How can you safely do that?

We are all energy, and healing can sometimes be subtle, sometimes more intense. Find the best way for you right now and go for it!

Author : Fernanda Sarmento

Fernanda Sarmento is the owner of @mindingwithin, a self-development addicted, writer and digital marketer. With a bachelor in Social Communication and Media Studies and a master in Production Engineering she regards herself as both a meditation and ice cream junkie.

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