21 days of Reiki project

21 days of Reiki

This is my personal project, and it has no other intention than to make something good for people who are seeking help.

The goal is to give Reiki energy to at least a thousand people before the end of 2020.

I know there is so much “free stuff” that is made to get leads to sell something right after it. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE.

If you enroll, you will receive 21 days of long-distance Reiki energy for free.

This is our FOURTH ROUND of healing and we have some amazing testimonials on the FAQ below.

During the 21 days, I will send you e-mails to let you know that the Reiki session is about to begin so you can put yourself into a receiving mindset.

The details (date of birth, city/country, and intention) are not mandatory but are extremely recommended to achieve better results (brings more specificity to the energy).

The Reiki sessions will begin on July 1st, so please enroll until June 29th.

If you liked the idea of receiving a lot of love, please fill the form below:

Please note that it’s impossible to guarantee any specific results regarding your goals.

Please be advised this technique is not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological treatment and does not replace the services of health care professionals.

Questions and answers

  1. What is Reiki?

“The Reiki system is a Japanese energy balancing technique for stress reduction and healing. Reiki helps alleviate many physical and emotional issues; it supports the body’s natural balancing process. Reiki increases the relaxation response so that the body can reset. Reiki practitioners channel universal energy to help facilitate the body’s innate healing process—allowing the recipient to heal herself emotionally and physically.”

Excerpt From: Valerie Oula. “Little Bit of Reiki: An Introduction to Energy Medicine.”

“The Japanese word Reiki roughly translates to “spiritual energy” or “universal energy” with “rei” meaning “spiritual” or “universal” and “ki” meaning “energy.” In other cultures, this ki or energy goes by other names, such as chi (Chinese), prana (Hindu), manu (shamanic Hawaiian), rauch (Hebrew), and so forth. Essentially, it’s the energy that makes life possible. When I learned the translation of “universal energy,” my first question was, “Well, if it’s universal, why do I need to get an attunement in order to use it?” My confusion was rooted in the difference between what the word Reiki means in Japanese and its usage in the West. In the West, Reiki is used to describe a specific healing modality”

Excerpt From: Melissa Tipton. “Living Reiki.”

“It can be difficult to describe what Reiki is to someone who has not come into contact with it, but it may be helpful to think about how you would describe the wind to someone who has never experienced it. You cannot actually see the wind; you feel and see its effects. You feel its warmth or coolness against your skin when a breeze is gentle, and you see its strength when trees and homes are leveled during hurricanes. Wind musses your hair, sweeps and scatters leaves about, waves flags, and so on. It is a force you feel outside of your body. In contrast, Reiki can be compared to an internal wind: its life source ebbs and flows within your body.”

Excerpt From: Adams Media. “The Healing Power of Reiki.”

“Reiki is a form of hands on healing, with its origins in India and the East dating back many thousands of years to the time before Christ and Buddha. The original name, disciplines and techniques of Reiki were lost due to the traditional method of passing knowledge from generation to generation by word of mouth. Exactly when this ancient art of healing disappeared is difficult to determine. However, we do know that it was rediscovered by a Japanese Scholar and monk name Dr Mikao Usui. It was in fact Dr Usui who fashioned the name REIKI.”

Excerpt From: Garry Malone. “The Essence of Reiki.”

2. Does distance Reiki works?

“Reiki healing can be shared long-distance. It might be hard to wrap your brain around that thought, but yes, indeed, distance healing is a thing. Quantum physics discusses the concept of nonlocality and what Einstein has termed “spooky action at a distance,” and somewhere around these terms may be the key to how distance healing works. In a blog piece for The Huffington Post, Deepak Chopra explains: “Quantum entanglement is another term for the principle we want to understand in this post, quantum nonlocality, by which tiny objects initially interact, then move any distance apart and still impact one another.”

Excerpt From: Valerie Oula. “Little Bit of Reiki: An Introduction to Energy Medicine.”

“In using Reiki, my current understanding over the years is that Reiki is absolutely capable of being where it needs to be because it’s already there—it’s universal. There is no such thing as traveling for Reiki, because it is here—and there.”

Excerpt From: Melissa Tipton. “Living Reiki.”

“Every Reiki treatment is proof that we are connecting with a person on a deeper level, even if we keep our hands away from them. A particularly spectacular result of this ‘applied oneness’ is the ability to send Reiki over vast distances ”

Excerpt From: Torsten Lange. “Reiki Made Easy.”

3. Can I enroll other people?

You can enroll other people as long as they are aware and have agreed on doing so.

The exception to this rule is for kids and people who are unconscious. In this case you can enroll them and I always ask permission to their higher self to send this energy.

4. Do you take donations?

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are not being able to service our regular clients with the in person sessions so we are taking donations if you feel you have benefited from the energy and is able to do so (but it is nor requested at any time for you to join this project).

Paypal: paypal.me/mindingwithin

Venmo: @MindingWithin

5. Can you share some testimonials?

Here are some feedback we have received:

“These were days when everything seemed to be lighter” – M.M. – Brazil

“Thank you for your precious time dedicated to this cause, for all your generosity to our world, for taking care of me, my brothers and sisters and for sharing  and exchanging your energy I  feel that my elbow is much better, there’s  still some pain but not as much and not as often as before My body is strong and full of energy , my moods are more stable and my mind feels in peace” – B.B. – Canada

If you have any other doubts please contact us.

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