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Minding within comes from taking care of the world inside of you.
Minding within is minding your business if you will.
But not in a mean or selfish way.
Minding your own business because you know that example is the only way to lead change.
Because you know your life is a reflection of who you are.

We also don’t mean to take care of yourself because you are broken. Not at all. You know you are amazing the way you are.
But – let’s be frank – everyone needs a friendly reminder now and then of how blessed we are and how we can get even better.
And every time you are in charge of yourself, taking care of your mind, energy, body, and spirit, you get even bigger. When you explore your full potential, your possibilities grow even further.
Minding within, yes, because within you lay your most valuable asset: your true self.

From our true selves to you: mindingwithin.com is the blog that curates in a very personal way topics on psychology, mindset, energy, and related fields.
All that content delivered in a lovingly way so you can be and live your best reflection.
Minding within. Your best reflection inside out.

The author

Will you join me in this journey?

Fernanda dAvila Melo Sarmento is a multi passionate being! Digital marketer, copywriter and energy professional that aims to help the world – one text or one healing at a time! 🙂

Some credentials:

  • Access Bars® – 2019 – Acess Consciousness
  • Reiki 1 – 2019 – Living Lightâ„¢ Reiki
  • Reiki 2 – 2020 – Living Lightâ„¢ Reiki
  • Advanced Meditation Retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza (Niagara Falls) – 2019 – Encephalon
  • Certified in Fogo Sagrado – Energetic Alignment – 2015 – Núcleo Fogo Sagrado
  • M.Sc in Production Engineering, qualification in Innovation and Change Management – 2014 – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
  • Certified coach in Personal and Self Coaching (Instituto Brasileiro de Coaching – 2011) – Instituto Brasileiro de Coaching, Behavioral Coaching Institute, International Association of Coaching, European Coaching Association, Global Coaching Community
  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and Media Studies, qualification in Advertising and Marketing – 2007 – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro